hollister spray

Skinister medical adhesive

General Information

Medical Grade Prosthetic Adhesive Spray

Skinister Medical Adhesive Spray is skin safe glue designed to adhere silicone prosthetics. Designed for medical uses, visual effects, and cosplay costumes.

How to apply Skinister adhesive

  1. Prepare your skin by washing with soap and water and allow your skin to fully dry.
  2. Spray Skinister Medical Adhesive to the She-P. A thin coat of adhesive is usually more effective than a thick coat.
  3. Allow Skinister Medical Adhesive to fully dry before applying to skin. The adhesive is suspended in solvent, which needs a few minutes to evaporate.
  4. Press and hold the She-P firmly against the skin. Skinister Medical Adhesive is a pressure sensitive adhesive and maximum strength is achieved by applying pressure for several minutes.
hollister spray

Urobond V  – DISCONTINUED (APRIL 2024)

General Information

  • Glass jar in 150ml or 300 ml
  • two sizes: 44/88 ml or 1.5/3.0 oz
  1. Virtually odor-free
  2. Retains its adhesive qualities in the presence of moisture or perspiration
  3. Adhesive properties are not affected by normal temperature variations
  4. Physical adhesive properties are unaffected by time
  5. Adheres to many surfaces like skin and silicone
  6. Comes with two lids: one with a brush and one without
  7. More information about description, applications, storage and instructions for use can be found on the Urocare website