The She-P has been developed by active divers for our own use. As we received many requests, we are now making it also available to other divers / for other sports like gliding and long distance car racing. The She-P has been tested by three divers for a period of over a year without problems, other than some spillage of urine in the drysuit and some latex allergies (see below). In addition, the She-P is being used by more and more divers around the world and we have not yet received complaints. However, you should be aware that the She-P has not been subjected to CE or similar testing and that we are not a professional manufacturing company. The use of the She-P is at your own risk and we recommend that you use common sense and proper hygienical practices: clean it frequently, do not use it when the skin is irritated or sensitive or if prior use of the She-P has caused irritation or discomfort. Always make sure that the connection tube of the She-P (see the pictures on this website) is not bent, as this can cause the She-P to block, in which case the urine has no-way to go, which can be painful and potentially be harmful to you. For the same reason, also make sure that the p-valve of your drysuit works.

The earlier version of the She-P is made out of Latex, the later (and present) versions are made of either Silicon or poly-ethurane. Make sure that you are not allergic to the material of the version which you use. When cleaning the She-P, make sure that the detergent does not affect the She-P.

The She-P does not have an adhesive layer of its own, so you obviously need an adhesive. We do not make this ourselves and use the Holister Adapt Paste, Hollister adhesive spray 7730 or Urobond VI/V. We refer to the product information of Holister for more information on their products (, which contains several warnings.

Most importantly: “Hollister Spray 7730: Do not apply this product directly on the skin or other areas of the body such as body orifices (eyes, mouth, ears, nose), mucosal surfaces (stoma, vagina, penile orifice), unhealed wounds or excoriated skin.

Hollister Adapt Paste 79301: Contains alcohol. Do not apply to severely irritated or eroded skin, open cuts or sores. A temporary stinging sensation may occur if applied to irritated skin.”

Urobond IV/V: Use only as directed. Keep out of eyes. Harmful or fatal if ingested. Do not inhale or permit adhesive to enter stoma or open wounds. Harmful to synthetic fabrics, wood finishes and some plastics. More information: and Instructions

When using an adhesive of another brand, please check their product information. We know from practical experience that some people are allergic to the Hollister Spray 7730, Hollister Paste or Urobond IV/V.

The sale and use of the She-P is subject to the following provisions. As mentioned above, the use is at your own risk and we accept no liability for the use of the She-P, the paste, the spray, Urobond and any damages, including personal injury or death, caused as a result thereof. Dutch law applies to any contract or other legal relationship between you and us and any and all disputes between you and us shall be submitted exclusively to the district court of Utrecht, the Netherlands