Before the dive

  • Apply the adhesive (Urobond V or another adhesive) on the whole contact area.

  • Put it on (shave before use!) and hold approx. 30 seconds. Be sure that the back is secured or taped very well.

  • Use some tape (if you want) or fix it with your underwear (two G-strings work fine).

  • Connect the p-valve with the She-P connection and open the valve on the outside of your drysuit before use.

  • Pee before the dive (in the water or on land) to be sure it is well placed and your P-valve is working fine.

  • To be absolutely safe for the first dives: place a small diaper or super-absorbent sanitary towel.

After the dive

  • Use some tape or plug (if you don’t use a quick disconnector) to close it. Now you will not spill and wet your underwear while you change clothes.

  • The outside part of the She-P contactarea is fragile and can tear, be careful when you remove it.

  • Remove the adhesive from your skin and She-P: Use the removal pads. Baby oil for your skin is very nice. Be sure you remove the oil before applying your She-P for next use.

  • Be sure everything is desinfected before the next use. Rinse very well to avoid irritation.

  • The P-valve in your drysuit must also be flushed with lots of clean water.

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