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The right tool for the right job

The Right Tool, For the Right Job: My De-Evolution on the Question of Urinating Underwater Condom caths and p-valves are arguably the best way to go during tech dives, until they’re NOT. Here InDepth editor-in-chief Michael Menduno goes old school to beat the heat! By Michael Menduno Header image of the author, Capt. Mark [...]

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Tips for using a female external catheter – by Julie Cerrato

The She-P is a silicone device designed to help women urinate into the water while wearing drysuits without resorting to diapers. Invented and manufactured by Heleen, it is also known as a female external catheter. Heleen recently introduced a redesigned She-P with excellent new features based on feedback from her customers. Three [...]

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The devine secrets of the She-P sisterhood

Seduced by the call of the deep, technical divers Heleen and Laura face-off with that most fundamental challenge of extended duration diving: the call of nature. With their solution in hand - well, not so much - they’re spreading the word and the sisterhood, to no one’s surprise, is greatly relieved. Text by Michael Menduno [...]

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Nature’s call… The She-P debut

Nature’s Call… The She-P Debut Caution: The following blog contains adult content and humor, parental advisory is highly suggested. If you are easily offended, do not read. Well I know I am supposed to be an “adult” and a professional, so I should be able to talk properly about male and female anatomy without snickering, [...]

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