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The devine secrets of the She-P sisterhood

Seduced by the call of the deep, technical divers Heleen and Laura face-off with that most fundamental challenge of extended duration diving: the call of nature. With their solution in hand - well, not so much - they’re spreading the word and the sisterhood, to no one’s surprise, is greatly relieved. Text by Michael Menduno [...]

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Caterina’s She-P story

After a request, my blog entry about a She-P-newbie has been translated in English. The She-P community wants to reach out and poke more women on the back to say: «Hey – there is a solution for women too when it comes to underwater activity, dry suits and pee.» This blog entry is from August 2015 – [...]

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Nature’s call… The She-P debut

Nature’s Call… The She-P Debut Caution: The following blog contains adult content and humor, parental advisory is highly suggested. If you are easily offended, do not read. Well I know I am supposed to be an “adult” and a professional, so I should be able to talk properly about male and female anatomy without snickering, [...]

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Catheters for Scuba Diving

While most catheters are purchased for medical purposes, many men have other uses for external male catheters aside from incontinence or Urology. Once such instance of this is scuba diving. Nature calls no matter where you’re at, and scuba diving presents some unique challenges. During extra long exploration dives in drysuits at some point one [...]

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